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An Ultimate Care Guide: Diamonds

On the troublesome days,

When the worlds on your shoulders, recollect those diamonds are made under the heaviness of mountains.

Though diamonds are considered the hardest substance, they can fall apart, but with proper care and handling, your Diamond can shine brand new for years.

If your clothes get ripped, you go out and get a new one without even thinking twofold. But that isn't the case with Diamonds, or is it? They say keep your enemies closer, but I would instead suggest you keep the Diamond closest to you.

The saying Diamonds are forever will be valid for you after proper care and use. So, let's look at some tips and tricks which will help you make your diamonds your best friend and help them shine forever.

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When you think about Diamonds, you adore their sparkle, the way it shines, so to maintain those shimmer and sparkle, make sure you CLEAN them regularly. The glimmer of a diamond is because of the passage of light, and unless it is taken care of, it will lose its sparkle.

Now cleaning a diamond is easy; all you have to do is soak your diamonds in warm soapy water for few minutes and gently clean them with the help of a soft-bristled toothbrush. Next, use a soft cloth to wipe off the excess water gently.

Don't use hard toothbrushes or paste to clean your diamonds. Likewise, avoid using harsh chemicals on your diamonds; this can cause rustic effects on metal prongs.

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Be Gentle while handling Diamonds!

Though diamonds are substances you can't break easily, the metal prongs attached with a diamond ring can be caused harm. Hence to avoid those problems, here are a few tips to take care of, don't scrub your diamonds too harshly while cleaning them. Second, avoid touching your diamonds frequently as they can collect dirt and oil from your skin and make your stone look dirty. Finally, though diamonds can be worn regularly, you should know when to wear them and when not to. Let's say you go for a beach party with diamonds on your fingers; the salty water can make your ring fall off easily, and you would end up losing them.

Store your diamonds wisely!

While storing diamonds, one thing to consider is that they should be kept separately from other jewels as the jewelry rubs can damage them. Those damages were once done, can never be undone, resulting in dull sparkles less lustrous.

Use cloth pouches, individual jewelry cases, or invest in an excellent fabric-lined jewelry box with separate compartments.

Use tissue papers to wrap each piece of jewelry separately if you plan to keep them together.

Inspection of your diamond jewels

Inspection of your jewelry is an important thing to consider and should be done at least once a year; this process will help you identify the wear and tear. Inspection can also check for wobbly stones, broken or defective metal holdings that help Diamond's positioning.

Also, getting it cleaned professionally is an idea to consider when going in for an inspection.

Avoid the contact of harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bleach. Always remember to put your rings and jewels away before diving into a pool.

"Shine like a Diamond" is a famous line to motivate an individual, but your Diamond will shine when it is carefully taken care of and handled.

Few steps can help you enjoy the spark forever.